Investment Castings

MP Innovations is an imported investment castings supplier located in Tulsa, OK. We provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and other manufacturing companies with cost-effective industrial parts and components. Our high-quality overseas foundries produce investment castings to ASTM and blueprint specifications. Finished machining and material certifications are available. At MP Innovations, we don’t charge a tooling fee and we don’t ask for payment until there’s an approved sample.

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Aluminum die casting

What Is Investment Casting?

Investment casting, also known as the lost wax process, is a process in which wax is injected into an aluminum die. This method produces a pattern that is an exact replica of the part to be produced. It’s similar to die casting, but with wax instead of molten metal.


  • Stainless Steel: CF8M, CF8, CF3M and others
  • Carbon Steel: LCB, WCB
  • Material certifications available on request
  • Produced to ASTM specifications

Machining of Castings

  • Castings supplied fully machined
  • Meet blueprint specifications
  • CNC Machining
  • Metal finishing including black phosphate coating and passivation

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