MP Innovations offers the services you need to maintain a supply of cost-effective, high-quality parts that are available when you need them. As an import parts distributor in Tulsa, OK, we’re able to supply OEM and other manufacturers in any industry with all types of metal components. You won’t have to pay a tooling fee and we don’t require payment up-front, so you won’t pay until there’s an approved sample.

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We offer global sourcing from secure suppliers, stock and release, fab to cast, sampling, forecasting and delivery. Our goal is to help you keep prices down while managing capacity. Through our certified suppliers, we’re able to source parts produced to your specifications and at the level of finish you require.

Aluminum die casting

Fabrication to Casting

One of the biggest ways our customers save money with us is by taking advantage of fabrication to casting conversion. By changing some manufacturing processes from fabrication to casting, manufacturers can get better parts at lower costs. Other benefits include reduced manpower and welding needs, improved part consistency and strength, and a better overall look.

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Global Sourcing

At MP Innovations, we work exclusively with first-class international sources that have a wide range of capabilities. They’re ISO, PED, API and AS9100 (aircraft quality) certified, so they can manufacture parts to any customer specification and certification. Our customers are often surprised to learn that our on-time delivery from overseas is typically better than from local manufacturers.

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When we talk with potential customers, they often have questions about the quality of the products from our suppliers. Rest assured, we’ve been working with our suppliers for more than a decade, and they consistently produce high-quality parts. When you order from MP Innovations, you don’t pay until there’s an approved sample, so you’ll have a chance to verify the quality for yourself. We don’t require payment up front, and there’s no tooling charge until you receive an approved sample.


Stock & Release

We can set your components up on a stock and release program that can help with inventory management and save warehouse space. This allows you to take advantage of cost savings by ordering larger quantities and combining freight costs with other orders. MP Innovations stocks parts for a number of major manufacturers around the world, and they appreciate our ability to absorb the lead times from international suppliers.

Stock and release


For many of our customers, production volume fluctuates throughout the year. MP Innovations assists with forecasting to ensure that your part supply won’t exceed demand and that you won’t run out of components when you need them most.

stock & deliver


We have our own delivery trucks that will deliver your parts to you. For customers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, delivery is included in the price you’re quoted. We can also drop-ship your components to the location of your choice.

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